Investing in real estate is a great thing. But finding a Realtor that speaks investing and actually know what he or she is talking about is not an easy task.

Investors speak a different language from a regular home buyer or seller. With investors it’s all about the ROI. It’s all about the money. But is it? It’s actually the exact opposite when it comes to choosing a Realtor.

Well, yes, ROI matters. It what makes a deal good or bad, but it has zero effect when it comes to picking a Realtor. As an investor you want to work with someone who respects your time. Someone who knows how to present you the data like you want, already chewed up and ready for decision making time.

Here is what I do for my investors clients: I run the numbers, I check the city code and zoning, verify rents, vacancy rates, required repairs, ARV and perform a complete market analysis. At the end you get a comprehensive report that not only shows you all the options you have on how to move forward but also shows you which route will give you the best ROI. Now that’s something you can work with!

To go the extra mile, I’ll also run your comps in the area to show you how much renovations are needed, and even go to the property and scout it for you.

Now if you’re working in remote, that’s where I can really impress you. I have plenty of experience and proven systems in place to help you work in remote. I’ll send you pictures of the property as well as videos. I can monitor the progress and be your eyes on the ground (fro an extra fee).

I deliver value, and I respect your time. This means that I’ll go out, find you deals, pre-qualify them and only send you good ones. And don’t forget that those will be served to you with all the numbers already ran and all the data analyzed. You’ll only need to decide if you want to invest or not.

If you think this is a service worthy of your time and money call me, email me or simply fill the “get in touch” form on this page and I’ll call you as soon as possible. Once you’ll be on my mailing list I’ll start sending deals down your way.

Avinoam Kaminski Neto
Owner of the Kaminski Neto Group